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We are a global technology firm proudly headquartered in the Mile High City - Denver, CO.

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Web and WordPress Development

From custom Wordpress plugins to creating a full on-line presence, Loving Cup Productions gets you on-line smarter and faster.

Desktop and Browser-Based Software

Loving Cup Productions is a leader in custom browser solutions and productivity solutions to make any business tasks more efficient.

Technology Planning and Consulting

Tired of technology that costs too much and doesn’t deliver? Even the shortest consult can save you $1000s.

Meet the Team


Tricia Kokoszka

Tricia is our customer service guru, working to make sure you’re super excited about your experience with Loving Cup Productions.

I’m the customer service guru here at Loving Cup Productions and I love helping our users navigate our products with the greatest of ease. In my spare time I am a maker and a doer! Most weekends you’ll find me wielding one power tool or another whipping up something fantastic, usually from other people’s trash.


Michael Illuchine

Michael is our lead web designer and branding guru.

I have been drawing since childhood and I still do, because I love this. I respect caring and decent people, that is why I like working at Loving Cup Productions. Aside from doing design, I like to read the Bible, go fishing and watch good movies.

Artem Lyhvar

Artem is our server administrator, ensuring smooth and secure operations for all of our clients.

I am system administrator with 6 years experience working for web hosting companies in both, Linux and Windows environments. I am specialized in building high loaded failover systems using Xen and Vmware technologies. I hate doing routine tasks and this is why I try to automate everything that can be automated. As for my free time, I like to spend it riding a motorbike or lying under the sun somewhere on the seaside.

Mike Solonevich

Mike Solonevich

Mike is the lead developer for our web based products and premium Wordpress plugins, including authorship of the Woo Deposits and Payment Recipes plugins.

I’m a web developer, specializing in WordPress. I prefer to work on the back-end php/mysql stuff, but can do css layouts and javascript/jquery scripting too. Most of all I enjoy challenging tasks where I can learn new things while working. That is why I like working in Loving Cup Productions a lot. We all the time try to be on the cutting edge of technologies and implement new things, something that is not there yet. Apart from work I enjoy reading, watching movies and communicating with other people.


Larry Kokoszka

Larry is the founder and CEO of Loving Cup Productions.

Founding Loving Cup Productions was the best way I could think of to scratch the itch I get every time I see software or processes that are inefficient or just plain don’t work. I love finding problems and assembling awesome teams to provide solutions for them. These problems are platform agnostic, which is why we do everything from custom browsers to web sites and plugins to technology planning consulting. I’m blessed to have travelled the world and even more blessed to have landed in Denver, where I enjoy hiking, biking and mountain sports. My sidekick on my adventures is an 11-year-old Jack Russell named Mojo, who hasn’t lost a step since he was a puppy.


Grigory Mozhaev

Grigory is the lead developer on our cross platform custom browser projects.

I’m a programmer with wide areas of specialization from application to system software. The main languages I prefer to write in are C and C++. My passions are to make a software that works on multiple operational systems; to work with new technologies; and to solve challenging problems. As a hobby, I like to deal with open source software and participate in the open source community. I’m a Ph.D. in mathematics (candidate science) in “Modeling, Numerical Methods and Programs” area.

Other than professional pursuits, I like trips into the mountains, nature and new places, playing music on electric guitar and different sports. And, of course, a good bathhouse along with a cold water spring and snow at winter time.


Cat Kokoszka

Cat is the VP of Product and Director of Digital Marketing at Loving Cup Productions.


I like working with people that make me laugh and kick butt at what they do, so I feel very fortunate to have found that in such a talented and innovative team here at Loving Cup Productions. I began my career as an art teacher and loved the experience of helping students find their creative inspiration and develop their talent, plus kids are a blast to hang out with all day! Over those four years, I took a personal interest in digital media and was immediately drawn to the prolific nature of digital arts. I pursued a Master’s degree in Interactive Media (it’s a real degree, I promise), and soon realized that my strength and passion was in collaborative work with designers and developers in project management roles.

This led me to work in digital marketing for the TV entertainment and financial brokerage industries, and now the exciting and ever-changing world of SaaS! I love creating software solutions that help you spend more time doing the things in life that you love, whatever that might be – underwater basket weaving included.

When I’m not at my computer I spend my time seeing live music, practicing yoga, painting poorly,hiking, skiing and traveling the world.


Dmitry Artamoshkin

Dmitry adds power to our custom browser solutions through browser extension development.

I love the Internet and I practically live in the browser. My career started with web site development and web script programming, then eventually I became a browser extension developer. I like the power and possibilities that extensions give us to make life easier. There are so many things that could be improved and automated and I like to be part of it. Besides computers I enjoy all sport activities. I’m a volleyball player and also like ice-skating a lot.


Ean Barnard

Ean is our copy editor and content specialist.

I’m nuts about helping organizations and brands bridge the gap between creativity and strategy. My super powers are brand and content strategies that empower organizations to communicate. Every new opportunity means a new story with fresh content. And it also ultimately means that these brands are engaging more with customers, selling more, and are able to add more value than ever before. When my mind isn’t going overtime with content, I love to enjoy the blessings in life with community, getting outside and reading.



Visual Feedback for WordPress Professionals. Perfect for freelancers, teams and large agencies!


Ghost Browser

No More Multiple Browsers! Log into any website with multiple accounts from one window. Ghost Browser is a multi-session web browser that helps you breeze through your daily tasks faster. Perfect for Web Designers & Developers, Social Media Managers, QA Testers, Membership Site Developers and More!

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Woo Deposits +Payment Recipes

Woo Deposits and Payment Recipes is a premium Wordpress plugin. It allows WooCommerce shop owners to take partial payments and bill clients when the rest is due.

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